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Spencerport Canal Days
July 27 & 28, 2024

Canaligator Race 2023

2023 Canaligator Race Winners!
Sunday, July 30th at 4:30 pm at the lift bridge...

First 8 Gators:
1st - $500 Tops Gift Card
2nd - $500 Wegmans Gift Card
3rd - $300 Tops Gift Card
4th - $300 Wegmans Gift Card
5th - $200 Tops Gift Card
6th - $200 Wegmans Gift Card **BONUS PRIZE**
7th - Tickets to GEVA theatre (2) **BONUS PRIZE**
8th - The Clubhouse Package **BONUS PRIZE**

Last 7 Gators (listed "from last"):
7th - $50 gift card to Mangia Mangia & Five Below **BONUS PRIZE**
6th - $50 gift card to Braemer & Michaels **BONUS PRIZE**
5th - $50 gift card to Spencerport Hots & Classic to Modern Nails
4th - $50 gift card to Brindle Haus & Texas BBQ Joint
3rd - RMSC family fun package
2nd -$30 gift card to Classic to Modern Nails & $25 to Union Street Coffee House
The very last gator Wine/spirits Basket from our tasting tent
**BONUS PRIZE** indicates a prize above and beyond what we thought we could offer this year. Thank you to our wonderful donors/community members for their generosity!

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Be kind to your pets, leave them behind - Sorry! No pets allowed.

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